Reconditioning Services

TricorBraun Industrial Services specializes in the reconditioning and recycling of industrial containers such as drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs/Totes) for reuse. As a registered DOT reconditioner of containers, we comply with all safety laws and regulations, promote the recycling and reuse of industrial packaging and maximize the use of the waste generated in our cleaning process, as we seek to eliminate and reduce waste at the source.

We reconditions drums and IBCs for the chemical and petroleum industries. By getting maximum use out of each packaging, the reconditioning process significantly reduces the carbon footprint of new drums. TricorBraun Industrial Services reconditioned containers undergo the industry’s most stringent reconditioning process, from container identification, steel preparation, caustic washing to clean residue from closed head containers, leakproofness testing to ensure DOT compliance, and exterior painting to our customers needs, to provide you with the appearance and reliability you demand. Our “like new” containers are given new fittings, flanges, valves, and gaskets as needed for the look of new without having to pay a new price. We produce packaging that are effective in safely containing all appropriate materials in transportation and storage.