Empty Container Recycling Services

TricorBraun Industrial Services recycles and disposes of plastic and steel containers ranging in sizes from 15 gallons to 330 gallons. After obtaining information regarding your containers, we can design a custom recycling program for your business. Although we are happy to assume most of the responsibility for the strict environmental legal and regulatory provisions that govern used container management, we can not, ensure 100% compliance and freedom from liability. The supplier of these containers has important responsibilities which must be met.

Regulatory agencies indicate the drum emptier and the drum recycler are “jointly and severally” liable for the handling of empty drum residues. Therefore, for your and our protection, all wastes generated by our recycling process are packaged and incinerated, at very high cost, by EPA compliant disposal facilities. Fortunately, the vast majority of our customers and drum suppliers understand and comply with these provisions, and through their cooperation we are able to provide complete environmental assurance. This practice requires all drums be completely empty. (40 CFR 261.7 and California’s Title 22 CCR 66730).

“Completely empty” means free flowing residues have been completely poured out; viscous residues that cling to the interior surface have been scrapped out, exposing over 90% of the drum surface. All closures must be securely fastened and all labels must be in place per 49 CFR 173.29.Once in a while, however, we experience container suppliers who, for whatever reason, are not able to conform to their used packaging responsibilities. We will make reasonable efforts to assist such companies, but when we are not able to effect the needed changes we must regrettably withdraw from servicing these accounts. The more information we have on the “front end” increases our ability to give you the most cost effective price for disposal of your containers.

Please contact us for more information! We look forward to communicating with you.