Frequently Asked Questions about TricorBraun Industrial Services

Question: What does TricorBraun Industrial Services do?
Answer: TricorBraun Industrial Services reconditions drums and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for reuse. In addition, we have a full line of containers and accessories for residential and industrial use in the Intermountain (Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada) area.

Question: What types of containers do we handle?
Answer: We specialize in steel and plastic barrels, drums, IBCs, and pails. We have new, “like new” reconditioned, and “as is” containers readily available in all shapes and sizes.

Question: Will you pay me for a drum?
Answer: TricorBraun Industrial Services does purchase containers. As a drum reconditioner, our primary business is recycling and reconditioning our customer’s drums for reuse. Every customer is unique, it is difficult to determine if your containers have value until we see them and/or receive more information. All drums must be RCRA empty. Refer to our Drum Acceptance Policy and contact us to see if your drums qualify.

Question: Does TricorBraun Industrial Services charge to pick up or deliver?
Answer: Again, every situation is different. In some cases, freight charges may apply. Location(s), quantity, size of truck/trailer are some factors that may determine whether or not freight charges will or will not be assessed. TricorBraun Industrial Services has the ability to pick up or deliver one drum or 350 in a single drop.

Question: Do you provide freight and/or logistics services?
Answer: Yes! Regardless of quantity or type of containers you have, TricorBraun Industrial Services can turn-key the freight and logistics for you. We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers. We provide trailers to some of our larger customers to store empties in and protect them from the weather. Smaller trucks are available locally. Some customers bring their own trucks. TricorBraun Industrial Services works with a few carriers to guarantee the most competitive freight costs available. Our only ask is that an appointment be made before dropping off or picking up drums.