Water tanks

Water Tanks for Beginners

Water storage problems? Before you consider a Rain Water Tank, Water Storage Tanks, Bladder Tanks, Underground Tanks, Slim-Line Tanks, Round Tanks, Steel Tanks (you can add to this confusing list), first answer to questions: What is the space available for fitting the water tank, and secondly, what will be the primary purpose of the tank?

Consider installing one of the different varieties of water tanks that are available in the market today. If you are satisfied with the answers to the above questions, and you are convinced you need a water tank and not a water barrel, here are a few descriptions of what is available on the market today to assist you in picking the right tank for your needs.

Bigger really is better – To start off, when picking a tank, get the biggest tank you can afford and can be installed in the space you have set aside. The most important reason first, the larger the tank, the safer you are if you are not getting water for an extended period of time. It is not uncommon to be without water for a few days to a week in some natural disasters. Secondly, if you have enough storage, you can always use the water to keep your garden and landscapes sufficiently hydrated. Next, the use of rainwater to fill your tank(s) can help solve any water shortage problems you may be experiencing.

Steel water tanks are available in a variety of sizes and are popular, especially in the larger sizes to help you store as much water as possible. They are available coated or uncoated, lined or unlined, and some tanks are galvanized to extend service life. Whether it is “ready-to-install” or in parts you need to assemble, a steel tank is a durable, long lasting alternative to other tanks.

Slim-Line tanks are a perfect fit for those who do not have much room to install a tank. These “high risk” category tanks are made of high quality materials and most manufacturers guarantee them up to 10 years. Like the steel tanks, Slim-Line tanks come in a variety of sizes. Unlike steel and other tanks, you can also get them in a few different color schemes.

If cost is your concern, consider a bladder tank or a round tank. They are generally the most economical and are available in different sizes to fit your water storage needs. Bladder tanks are ideal for those who want to carry tanks with you when moving to other locations.

Underground tanks, because of their very nature of being buried out of sight, can provide more water storage capacity. Concrete, plastic (poly), or steel are ready options depending on your budget and availability.

It is advisable to get the help of a professional when installing a water tank, above ground or underground. The utmost care must be taken when installing your water tank to determine best fit and proper installation to prevent waste. After your tank is installed, adequate care, repair and maintenance are critical to extending the life of your tank and ensuring your water is free of contaminants. Using un-hygienic water can cause disease. Try cleaning your water tank(s) often if you are using it for drinking purposes and always keep your tanks closed to prevent contamination.

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