Group Program

The Group Program is a way for family, friends and neighbors to work together to obtain discounts on items relating to home storage and emergency preparedness. It is designed to be simple and convenient to meet your group’s needs.
Everyone benefits from a team effort. It’s a resource to help your family, friends and neighbors get prepared. Each group has two parts:

The Group Leader
The Group Leader is the person in the group who shares the information and coordinates the order for the group. The Group Leader needs to be someone who is organized and enjoys serving others. They collect the money from the group and place the order with MBC Inc. When the order is ready to be picked up, the Group Leader will be contacted.  Or if it is to be shipped, it will ship to the Group Leader’s address unless specified otherwise.

The Group Member
A Group Member is any individual with whom the Group Leader shares in the Group Specials.

Working Together Really Works! The Group Program is Simple and Convenient!
Group Members combine their orders through their Group Leader to meet the minimum purchase requirements. When minimums are met (or if their order is below minimums but has been approved by the group order department) the group shares in the quantity discount.

Informing Group Members is the key to a successful group. We know that being a Group Leader can be a challenge. One of the greatest challenges Group Leaders have experienced through the years is getting information to members of their group.

We periodically send the Group Leader an e-mail explaining the specials and giving information about featured products.

Minimums are needed for three simple reasons. First, when we purchase in bulk and sell in bulk it is less expensive over all. Second, when we find special deals on products, we can buy in large quantities and move them through our warehouse quickly. This saves us space and holding costs, plus promotional costs. Third, heavier shipments cost less per pound. By delivering to one address we save on shipping costs. These savings are passed on to our groups! (Always call us if your order is below minimums to see if it will work).

Placing an Order on “Hold” is a benefit a Group Leader receives. What this means is a Group Leader can start an order when anyone in the group decides to purchase. Then within the month, you may add to the order as group members decide on items, and finalize the order when it is complete. This secures items that may be low in quantity to ensure that the product is “held” for your group. Please call us with any questions about this program. In unusual circumstances we may not be able to provide this benefit.

Adding Additional Items to a group order is an easy way to help your group prepare without any additional shipping costs. Once you have met minimums or had your order approved, your group may add items as needed to the group order. These may be added with no additional shipping and handling if shipped to one location.

Customizing a group special is another way in which groups can become prepared. Group Leaders can assess any special preparedness needs and receive a quantity discount. If there are items in the catalog that your group would like to focus on, call us and give the estimated number you will purchase. We will then determine a price for those items for your group by giving you a quantity bid.

MBC has produced a Resource Center.  In it you will find articles, Internet links, and other information. These articles are a valuable resource for groups to help motivate and educate their group about preparedness and provident living. As your group learns more about preparedness, they will want to prepare their families.

Ordering group products from MBC is easy. Whether you order through the mail, phone in your order, or order over the internet, you can always use personal checks, money orders or a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) to pay for your order.

You May Call In Your Order. If you choose to mail in your payment (check or money order) you should first call in your order, because quantities are sometimes limited. Calling in your order will help to reserve those items and quantities for your group.  Contact MBC at 801.282.4050

You May Order Over The Internet. We know that sometimes your schedule doesn’t coincide with our business hours, so we have made it possible for you to place your group order over the Internet 24 hours a day, any day of the week at Most of the information that you will be looking for is now available on our website. You may also contact us directly at any time; we love to help. If you have questions about group specials or other items from the catalog you may e-mail them to: and you will normally get a response in one to two working days. You may order with check or money order over the Internet and quantities will be reserved for you, but your order will not be processed until we receive the check or money order through the mail.
We welcome your suggestions for group items, improvements we can make to the group program, or any tips and hints you have learned from your experiences with preparedness or the group program. Your suggestions may be made at the group section of our website, over the phone, or even through the mail. We look forward to hearing from you.
If you have not already been made a Group Leader and are interested in starting a group, give us a call or e-mail us today. We can help you get a group started.

We Desire to Serve You. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to take your order by phone from 8 am to 4 pm (MST) Monday through Friday. When you phone in your order feel free to ask any questions you might have about any of our products or emergency preparedness. We welcome any suggestions or questions you may have about the group program. We are anxious to serve you!

Thanks for your on going support and allowing MBC to work with you.