Water Storage Containers

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Plastic jugs are frequently used for water storage. These containers are light weight and fairly sturdy. There are many types of plastic containers manufactured. Generally polyethylene type plastics are safe for storing water. Some, however, are not recommended for food storage because harmful chemicals could leach into the food. Most plastics used in waterbeds are not approved food storage plastics. Plastic containers which have previously been used for food storage or which are being advertised as food storage products will be safe. Plastic jugs with secure lids, which have contained milk or other edible substances are safe for water storage, however, it is essential that the milk bottles be very thoroughly washed to remove the fat traces. Some light-weight gallon containers might split at the seams and leak. Chlorine bleach bottles may be a food approved plastic, but contain an anti-static agent which prevents accumulation of dust during storage and are thus not recommended. Since plastic is permeable to certain vapors, water stored in plastic should not be near gasoline, kerosene, pesticides, or similar substances. It is advisable to store plastic water containers away from direct sunlight.

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