A Response to the Naysayers

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First off I want to thank Talk Show Host and “Lightening Rod” Glenn Beck for doing a show on preparedness. Maybe as he, Jaimie Lee Curtis and others who spend most of their lives in the public eye might bring awareness to the subject and motivate people to take action. I confess, I do not “follow” Glenn Beck on Twitter, nor is he one of the few hundred pages I have “liked” on Facebook, but I did venture over to read what Mr. Beck (and/or his staff) had said about the subject. I was equally interested in what kinds of comments he might have got from some of his nearly 1.6 million fans.

Secondly, I want to thank Glenn Beck and his staff for doing their research on the subject and doing a great job of demonstrating the simplicity of getting ready. You can check his site: glenn beck and see for yourself.

Next, as I read through many of the comments on this site, I was left to wonder how does so much misinformation get burned into one’s brain (unconsciousness into one’s consciousness). One regret I have about this industry is just how often fear is used as a motivator to people to take action. Truth is, preparedness is just plain smart. I want to take a few days to categorize and respond to some of what I read. I hope in the end it might answer some of the questions my readers have and give another view to those presented.

FEAR, 2012, and the end of the world weighs heavy on many people’s minds. Lets face it, it sells. We only have to look back 10 years ago as the second millennium approached. 1999 to 2000: The end of the world as we know it. Electrical and computer problems that will reek havoc on society. We sold a lot of food and water storage containers. I suspect the same will happen in 2012 as the December date gets ever closer. A lot has been written about 2012, I would recommend checking out Gregg Braden’s latest book entitled “Fractal Time.” That said, simply put, preparedness is about being able to adapt to the changes life throws your way regardless of the source. It is not about paranoia or end times. If the last ten years have taught us anything, it is that things can change swiftly. One does not have to follow or have particular religious beliefs to take the time to learn about preparedness, put together a plan and a kit, practice your plan, and stay abreast of the resources readily available to you.

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