10 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Start Getting Prepared – #6

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Yesterday we talked about dependence, who are you depending on and just who is depending on you during an emergency situation. Question six fits like a glove in yesterday’s conversation and it goes like this: Do you have a list of essential or at least important supplies you believe will be necessary to have on hand during your estimated emergency?

There are numerous lists available in books, videos, and on various blogs that cover the emergency preparedness subject. If you have been following along this past week, you understand it is critical that your list be designed to fit your estimated scenario.

Do you have a list of the essential categories your supplies fall under and is it prioritized? For example, we know people can go much longer without food than they can water, or it is easier to go without that comfortable pair of shoes or a book, than it is food or a blanket to stay warm with. Survival classes often teach the most important tool is a knife OR a tool that contains a knife, as well as a can opener, etc.

We at MBC believe it is best to take an inventory of what you have on hand right now. No sense re-inventing the wheel. Set aside some food and water items that will keep well in a cool place (preferably a basement). There are numerous resources readily available that can provide you with a list of what you will need in an emergency situation. Check in with some of these resources to insure you have what you and your family need.

Tomorrow we will talk about money and the potential financial implications your circumstance may bring up for you.

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