Question 2 – 10 Questions to ask yourself before you get prepared

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Question 2 – 10 Questions to ask yourself before you get prepared

Yesterday we talked about preparedness as a process. You were invited to sit with the question: what are the circumstances or scenarios you have determined may exist that will require you to rely upon your preparedness supplies? Truth is, it makes little sense to be prepared for a hurricane when you live in a desert, or have a stop, drop and roll earthquake preparedness poster on your wall when that scenario will never happen where you live.

The second question deals with timing and it goes like this: How long will your emergency scenario last, and what is the duration of time that you will be preparing? At MBC we understand it is difficult to envision the difficult details that may occur, but understand it is a critical question.

We at MBC believe the adequacy of your preparedness planning and supplies are directly tied to honestly asking this question. We do not have to look to long and hard for examples of people who weren’t adequately prepared for a disaster or the length of the disaster. I only have to say the word: “Katrina,” or the city, “Houston.” These are not third world events, but they happened right here in the good old U.S. of A.

It may just go without saying, the longer the duration of the emergency the more effect it will have on multiple aspects of your daily routine, lifestyle, and the need to be awake to the variety of situations and challenges that surround you.  Most emergency preparedness personnel insist you need to have at the bare minimum, a 72 hour kit. Do you have enough food and water stashed away for you and your family for a three day period? If you do, you are further along than 90% of the population. That alarming number should tell you one thing: If you are relying on your neighbor to bail you out, chances are you will be disappointed.

Tomorrow we will talk about staying informed and the positive impact that will have on you and those you come in contact with.

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