Are You Prepared?

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Earlier today I was on the website. There continues to be a growing concern in the U.S. about what is happening with the economy, natural disasters, and world events, including terrorism. I noticed the website had a map listing out the recently declared disaster areas in America. Most of those listed, whether it was in North Dakota or Texas, I was not familiar with. Are you?

Families and businesses are beginning to wake up to the importance of being prepared for potential situations, which will lend them powerless and unable to secure their long-term food, and water needs. Most people are vulnerable to outside influences and have not made an investment in preparing for a disaster. Given that no amount of money can keep someone alive in a crisis, long term water and food storage may be the most important investment we can make.

The food and water systems we have created in our local communities are designed to support our basic day-to-day needs. It is estimated there is less than a three-week supply of food in the national food distribution network. Grocery stores keep about a one-week supply of food in their stores. Most households have even less food readily available. A serious emergency could easily cause breakdowns in the supply of essential goods and services. The non-existent food reserves coupled with a water supply that could get easily contaminated would spell disaster for millions. Are you prepared?

Most survival experts suggest a minimum three-month supply of storable food and water per person. A wise person once said it is better to buy two years early rather than a day late. Still undecided? Personally, I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. How about you? There are a variety of people readily available to lend you assistance. Contact us at and let us help.

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  1. I agree for the most part. If you are going to run a marathon, I think you should give your best shot to run it. But someone can still be sufficiently trained and their best may only be 5.5 hours, even if they are running the whole thing. After two years of pushing hard, training hard and running 6-7 times a week, I think it is okay for me to enter a marathon knowing I may not PR and being okay with just having funyou know?? BTW, I am signing up for Big Sur.this yearwith no intention of racing it for a PR due to its level of difficulty, but to experience it. Company would be great

  2. PLEASE add the Mount Desert Island Marathon to your list of want tos. OK? Its beautiful and we could use some of you up here in Maine.

  3. Looking forward to running in Maine with you. I love Mainiacs!
    Your friends at MBC

  4. I just ran the Boston Marathon with similar goals. Due to injuries and pneumonia we went to Boston to “experience” the race and not race the race. It was a beautiful thing. Happy trails and keep lacing them up.
    Your friends at MBC

  5. Thanks so much for this – Are you heading back this year Vanessa?

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