Mark’s Barrel Company was founded in 1996. Prior to that it was under different ownership as Reclaim Barrel and Allstate Container for years. What an auspicious start as the previous ownership modeled just how NOT to run a drum reconditioning business.

Years ago I was told each of us serve as examples. Some are just bad examples. Initially we made all the wrong hiring decisions after cooperating with the Environmental Protection Agency to help clean up a mess created by the previous administration we assisted them with a Phase II clean up of the property. After hiring some who had all the right credentials, we ended up trying to run the business on our own. You might say we started with a “clean slate.”

MBC was duly incorporated under the laws of the state of Nebraska on March 12, 1997.

A feeling of gratitude pervaded as our customers hung with us through some bumpy times. Our warts and woundedness showed up all over the place. Personnel and management changes happened regularly as we worked towards finding the right people with the right philosophy of cleanliness, safety, and quality. Yet out of the ashes the company continued to rise.

Enter a new management in January 2002, Mark Schwietz brought with him a fierce determination to turn around what appeared to be a lost cause. Mr. Schwietz had had a variety of experience working for a concern founded by his father Larry that specialized in the production of concrete and masonry finish products.

Never afraid to make a decision (or clean up a mess that was created by one of his decisions), Schwietz thrived in this challenge before him. Optimism, he claims, is one of his character defects. He lauds the advisory board from his former employer, L&M Construction Chemicals, his brother Greg, President and owner of L&M, and those men who had been involved in some of the success MBC enjoyed, particularly Al Fox.

In 2005 MBC applied for membership in the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association and was accepted.

The business has flourished under Mr. Schwietz and in the summer of 2007 he purchased the business from his brother. There have been numerous milestones for MBC over the years, some small and others large. The roll of the dice in 1996 as Mark’s father let the company go to auction in an effort to start anew and get out from under the cloud created by previous ownership and management. Reaching a million dollars in sales in 2008. Growth in production, improvement of quality and delivery systems, bringing a safety program on-line, expansion into other types of containers, significant reduction of waste disposal, and increase of recycling of materials thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the business just to name a handful.

MBC has sold totes/Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for about seven years now. 2010 marks their expansion into the cleaning and recertification of totes business. The state of the art facility is being built as we speak and when completed MBC will have the only progressive washer, leak tester for totes in a 750 mile radius. What makes the facility unique is that it is a “closed loop system” where the waste generated will be used to heat and run equipment, reducing the carbon footprint of the facility significantly and making it a model of sustainability in the recycling marketplace.

In addition, recently MBC has turned to social media to grow its presence in the market place and to serve a wider expanse of customer. With the launch of their website, , FaceBook like site, and Twitter address, Mark’s Barrel Company is poised to grow with their customers into the next century.